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This videogame will help you understand people with Asperger's Syndrome

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The Journey of Elisa is a videogame that can help you understand better the traits and necessities of people with autism and, in particular, with Asperger Syndrome. As a player, you will go through various minigames, experience an epic sci-fi background story and overcome the challenges that Elisa must face.

The game comes with learning units which may serve as support for teachers who want to do activities in class, as well as general information to understand Asperger's better.

You can play very soon.

Help Elisa and save Lionov from its destiny

Elisa is a teenager from planet Lionov, light years away from ours. Thanks to her telepathic powers and an incredible invention called The Aurora Odyssey, she is able to project her mind and materialise in other places within the galaxy. In her search for help to free her planet from the tyranny brought by the Grey Shadows, despicable beings that rule over her planet, she finds on the Earth a person with Asperger Syndrome that will help her save her world. Do you dare accept the challenge? Will you have what it takes to join the resistance and free Lionov?

"Being a person with autism does not mean not being human, but being different"

Jim Sinclair 1992

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