Historias sobre el Asperger

The Asperger and you.
Tell us your story!

We look for anecdotes of everyday things that pose a challenge for a person with Asperger or their relatives. We want everyone to better understand how people with Asperger really are.

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Your anecdote in a pixel art

Escribir historia

Write your anecdote

Tell us about that funny or strange situation that shows the daily challenges of a person with Asperger. The text cannot exceed 300 words.

Selección de la historia


We’ll select those stories that best reflect the day to day of a person with Asperger, as we did with the game The Journey of Elisa.

Pixel art

Pixel art

If your story is selected, we will make a pixel art drawing that you can use when and how you want. We will let you know if you want to send us a photo or a description of the person and the situation.

Pubicación de la historia


We will publish the stories with the pixel art illustration on this page and we will share them on our social networks so everyone can better understand people with Asperger's Syndrome.

Send us your anecdote

The shipment will be made through the e-mail and we will read and respond as we receive them. We are looking forward to hearing your story!

Send history


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